Your fresh, plush carpet doesn’t stay looking like new forever. Guests, pets, children, spillages and general wear-and-tear all impact your flooring as time goes by – and we can’t avoid some mess, as much as we’d like to!

The good thing is; we can do something about it. When your carpet becomes victim to accidents and whatever you find on the bottom of your shoes, turn to the experts for their favourite carpet cleaning tips.

Mr Carpet has compiled 8 of the best, so your carpet can maintain that new appearance for longer.

1. Don’t Rub Stains
We understand that panic sets in when your red wine or the kid’s yoghurt spills onto the floor, and your immediate reaction is to rub fiercely at the mark. The secret here is to blot stains instead, using a sponge and a cleaning solution. Rubbing the stain will only cause particles to become ground into the carpet fibres, which can wear them down. Blot from the outside-in, to avoid spreading the stain.

2. “Shave” the Stain Away
We don’t mean grab a razor and hack at your carpet, but grab some shaving foam. Most people don’t know this product’s power against most stains, so spray it on and let it get to work for 30 minutes before blotting it away. Finish with a spray of vinegar and water (1:1) and wipe away the solution for a magical carpet cleaning display.

3. Frozen Chewing Gum
Trodden-in chewing gum makes a sticky mess that home owners want to get rid of – fast. This is easier than you think. Hold an ice cube to the chewy culprit for 30 seconds until the gum freezes solid. Then pull the gum gently and snip the affected fibres. Be careful to not get too chop-happy, as we want the spot to go unnoticed.

4. Dishwashing Liquid
Grease stains are ugly and unwanted, but you can use grease-cutting dishwashing liquid to soak them away. Drop a little into water and spray onto the grease, before blotting (not rubbing, remember!)

5. Hot Wax
Your candles might create a relaxing ambience around the home, but wax can drip onto the carpet – and that’s a real ambience destroyer. If this happens, act quick, before the wax can solidify and embed itself into your carpet. Place a white cloth over the area and use an iron to heat the wax up again. When it’s melted, you can scrape it off with a knife. Remember to never leave the iron there for too long, or it can scorch your carpet.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide Against Bloody Messes
A nose bleed or a cut finger may not be fatal for you, but it can be for your carpet. Apply it directly to the stain and watch it foam as it reacts. You can then use paper towels to dab the solution away and dry the area.

7. Animal Messes
Your dog or cat is part of the family – and they probably make themselves feel right at home! If they make a solid mess, use a putty knife and sink it into the edges of the carpet, to push the waste cleanly into a dustpan. For everything else, look for products with enzymes for extra power against your pet’s mess.

8. Regular Maintenance
Pay a professional regularly to complete a deep clean of your carpets and rugs around the home. Steam cleaning digs deep to remove dirt and debris, so your carpet will look as good as new. Vacuum at least once per week to stop gritty particles from building up and making the floor look worn and grey.