Thinking very carefully when choosing the colour of your carpet is very important, and could save you a lot of time and money in the future, as replacing a carpet can be time and money consuming, not to mention the stress that it all comes with. 

With that being said, how can you wisely choose the colour of your carpet that can look good, is easy to match with your furniture, and that you like for a long time?

Statistics show Neutral colours in carpeting to be the biggest sellers, and that is because a carpet covers the floor of any area wall to wall, and is the most noticeable at first sight, hence can easily have the wrong impact on a room if its colour is too bright and overpowering, or is not matching everything else.

It is wiser to choose a neutral, subtle color in carpeting especially in large areas such as a living room, which is usually the focal point of your house, because while neutral colours such as grey or beige may seem boring, they are in fact trendy, chic and less likely to get tired of with time, as you would a more specific colour such as blue or green.

For other areas such as your bedroom, while fusing it well with the surface of your ensuite and other floors in your home, a light color carpet suits a small bedroom to give it a spacious look for example, and any soft color of your liking matched with different soft and colorful bedding is good to create a more relaxing atmosphere. 

As for kid`s rooms, while darker or brighter colour carpet can add character and charm to a room, reflecting their personality and activities, mid-tone colour carpet may be safer to use considering the possible frequent incidents of spillage and soiling.

 A great way to add more personality to your neutral and mid-tone colour carpet, and make the area more visually appealing, is to use brighter or any other colours you may like to see around, in more affordable and more easily changeable items such as cushions, sofa covers, wall paint and wall decorations. 

Next time you are about to place or replace your carpet, don`t rush, take the time to think about it, and ask others including your decorator what the right colour carpet would be for you, as it is not an easy move to reverse.