Candles can create ambience in any room! But what do you do when disaster strikes and candle wax finds its way onto your carpet?
  • Apply ice to freeze the wax – Whether it’s a bag of tea or a tub of ice cream, place something ice-cold over the wax until it solidifies and freezes completely.
  • Once the wax is frozen, grab a butter knife or spoon and start chipping away at the stain. The more wax you can remove at this point the better. Don’t worry if you can’t get it all though, to remove the last stubborn bits of wax you may need to move onto the Melting It Away method discussed in the next section.
  • Once the wax is removed, spray the area with carpet cleaner. If there is a stain from the dye in the wax use rubbing alcohol to remove the colour. Finally, blot with a clean rag and fresh water to remove any leftover residue.
  • Vacuum the area to return the carpet to its original texture.

  • Get as much of the wax of the carpet as possible using the Freezing It Out method.
  • Place a brown paper bag over the remaining wax stain. Tip: Also place a towel under the bag that’s not on top of the stain to prevent the mess from spreading further on the carpet when heated.
  • Set your iron on warm. Ensure the iron isn’t too hot as it will melt the bag. Also, ensure that the steam setting is off.
  • Slowly iron over the paper bag – The wax will melt, absorbing onto the bag and out of the carpet. As the wax saturates on the bag, slide it out onto the towel, exposing the wax to a new part of the bag that's not yet covered. Be careful not to leave the iron on any one spot too long or you risk burning the bag and carpet.
  • Rub any remaining stains from the dye in the wax with rubbing alcohol. You can also place a cloth over the stain and reapply the iron with the steam setting on and the dye should seep into the cloth and away from the carpet.
  • Finally, clean carpet with carpet cleaner and vacuum.

You now know what to do the next time you encounter a wax stain on your carpet!