Pets are considered life companions for a lot of us, they are loyal, loving, caring, and bring joy and warmth to many households. Furthermore, for some of us, pets are considered a big part of the family and even loved as much as our own children.

At Mr Carpet, we understand the importance of pets in our customer`s household, but also understand how cats and dogs particularly tend sometimes to have incidents, leaving your carpet stained and smelly. Therefore, we would like to provide you with easy steps you can take, to find and get rid of your cat or dog urine stains and smells, in order to help you maintain a stain and smell free fresh carpet and home, for both you and your pets. 


Having a cat for instance is a true joy, but no matter how much you love your feline friend, there is no denying that cleaning after them is not easy nor enjoyable, especially when they happen to spray outside of where you did or are trying to train them to, and worse yet when you are not looking. 

When you know you have cleaned but something still smells fishy, you just have to find it:

* Watch your pet`s behaviour, and where it spends most of its time.
* Ask a friend who hardly comes over if they can smell anything.
* Use a black light to find old stains.
* If you have easily caught your pet just as they are in the process of relief, then that is great, as you can quickly follow the steps of new stains bellow, and take care of the damage before it gets worse.

Steps to clean and deodorise your carpet from pet urine 


If the urine is new and still wet, then quickly following these steps should be enough to clean up the mess before it stains, and get rid of the smell as well.

Step 1: Absorb:
Soak up the liquid by covering the area with preferably a clean folded wet towel, and press down with heavyweights such as a can of food or a heavy shoe and leave to soak for 10 minutes. 

Step2: Re-wet:
After you've lifted the towel, start pouring a small amount of water going from the outside of the spot towards the middle, to prevent spreading the urine further, then let soak for a minute

Step 3: Use an Enzyme-based cleaner
It is advisable to keep a good Enzyme-based cleaner at home to be able to clean new damages done by your pet. Non-toxic and effective enzymatic cleaners can be bought at any pet shop, and work by breaking down stains into their basic elements, which eliminates the compounds that create smells and stains. 
Most enzyme cleaners are applied to a wet area and left for several hours. However, make sure to get the right one such as wool safe cleaner for wool carpets for example and follow the instructions on how to apply and how long to let it sit.

Step 4: Clean off the Enzyme cleaner: 
Place a wide folded towel over the area again, and press down with heavyweight, then let it sit overnight to absorb the Enzyme solution from your carpet, and hopefully along with any remaining stain and odours. 

Step 5: Vacuum
Once the area is completely dry, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any lingering solution or remaining smell.


If the stain has been there for a while, then it might have gone through to the padding underneath your carpet, and therefore, much more thorough cleaning is necessary to remove the stain, and most importantly, completely get rid of bacteria as well as the smell, and prevent your pet from doing the same thing in the same spot. 

Step 1: Enzyme-based cleaner 
Get a good Enzyme cleaner from a pet store and follow the instructions to apply, clean and dry accordingly. (See new stains above)

If you don`t want to buy one as a good one may be costly, you can also create your own Enzymatic solution by mixing the same amount of water and vinegar, pour the solution directly onto the area, and use a brush to scrub in order to work the vinegar solution deeper into the stain for a more thorough cleaning and further smell decapitation. Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and then blot again with a paper towel until it is dry.

Step 2: Baking Soda
Sprinkle baking soda on the area and let it sit for one hour to absorb and remove any remaining solution or smell in your carpet.

Step 3: Hydrogen Peroxide
For further cleaning and deodorising, mix 0.5 cups of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of dish soap, and pour it on top of the baking soda. This will create a foam solution that is very effective in removing odours from carpets. Use a brush to gently scrub and work the foam deeper into the stain,  rinse and blot a few times with a paper towel removing as much solution as you can, then allow enough time to dry.

Step 4: Vacuum
Once the area is completely dry, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any lingering solution or remaining smell.

With these steps, you are sure to clean and deodorise the affected area in your carpet, however, remember that animals tend to create their territories, and unless the first urine has been cleaned thoroughly the first time, they will do it again and again in the same spots, which makes it hard if not impossible to stop them from doing it.

If you are not satisfied with the steps above and still can smell urine in your home, or the incidents are repetitive, we advise you to seek professional cleaning, or carpet replacement if there are several old stains on an old carpet. Speak to us at Mr Carpet Sydney for the best solution to your pets and carpets concerns.