We’re now a few months deep into 2019 and we’re already noticing new flooring trends resurfacing every month, meaning the rest of the year is looking very exciting when it comes to interior design! With brand new flooring options making a splash in the arena, and some of our most-loved varieties still going strong on the list of popular floor coverings, we want to keep you updated with our favourites!

Tackle new styles in 2019 in the confidence that you’ll love your new flooring for years to come, so you can squeeze the most possible value from it.

Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, or you’re giving the whole house a makeover, we’ve gathered this year’s trends from laminate flooring to ceramic flooring to the trusty carpet.

Carpet isn’t going anywhere, but it gets a functional makeover

Carpet continues to be the most popular flooring option throughout the home, for the warmth, texture and coziness it affords a room. This time, it gets a functional update, and the waterproof carpet is making a splash. We know how easy it is to make a mess, so this carpet is designed to repel dirt and liquids, making it perfect for busy families with pets and children that want a clean floor!

You’ll also notice more texture woven into modern carpets, with block colours taking a back seat. Think interesting designs that catch the eye – and don’t be afraid to clash textures. View rugs as exciting accents for living rooms; we’re expecting bold colours that take inspiration from the 1970s.

Kitchen floors get bigger and better

Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but ceramic tiles are moving into the spotlight. Innovative technology means ceramic tiles now come in new and exciting designs and sizes, and can mimic hardwood flooring impressively. So, you can achieve the modern look that comes with hardwood, just with an easier-to-maintain material. Step away from traditional sizing, too, because the sky’s the limit for your kitchen floor! Large tiles and tiles that are custom cut to create unique patterns are this year’s most prominent kitchen trend.

Remember that hardwood doesn’t have to be confined to the kitchen. It continues to be popular amongst Australian homes in hallways and dining rooms, too. This year you’ll find it in cool colours such as dark brown, grey and white-washed for a modern, minimalist feel.

Look-alike flooring options

Copycat laminate flooring, hardwood flooring and other varieties are having a moment. Choosing “fake” floors isn’t cheating; it’s actually a smart and cost-effective way to achieve the room of your dreams. The classic hardwood is mimicked, with wire brushing and hand scraping being used to create distressed effects and add to the authenticity.

Copycat materials can look and feel like the real thing, but come with extra advantages such as being waterproof and long-lasting, making them perfect for the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Area rugs make a quick update

We know you love your carpet. That’s why we suggest using rugs to complement it, rather than cover it up. Whether you’re throwing it over laminate flooring, tiles or carpet, an area rug can give an instant refresh to a room, saving you money on entire refurbishments. Play around with colours and textures and enjoy this opportunity to get creative, drawing attention to the part of the room you want it to go.

2019’s area rugs are predominately found in neutral tones like grey and navy but don’t be afraid to utilise them as a pop of colour to add that little extra spark to your room’s theme. The great thing is, it’s easy to switch up your rug once you feel like updating a room.

Keep bathrooms classic

Bathrooms can be expensive to renovate, which is why bathroom trends don’t tend to be dramatic. No one wants to be left with an outdated bathroom when the next season’s style rolls around! For that reason, we’re keeping bathrooms traditional and neutral.

Choose white flooring for a simple style that can look chic and modern as well as classical. White bathroom tiles work well with white baths, showers and sinks, to keep lines clean and the room looking fresh. This year, expect to see some vintage-style stencilling thrown into the mix in black, white and grey. With so many patterns available, you can stick to one or even try a mosaic effect for an interesting take on the trend.