Carpet is something you walk on, feel and look at every day, so it is easy to notice when it is that time to change it, but underlay is unnoticed, forgotten and quite often underestimated.

When the time comes to lay or change a carpet, everyone asks themselves: Do we need to have underlay under the carpet and why?
Should we replace the old underlay when replacing the carpet and why?

So just how important is underlying?
While it’s easy to get caught up in the quality and look of the carpet alone, it is important to consider all the vital benefits that underlay brings into your whole carpet experience. These benefits include:

Improving the carpet`s underfoot feel
Walking every day on a carpet or flooring with no underlay can be taxing not only on your feet but also on your posture, as you unconsciously try to walk different, whereas underlay gives your carpet a softer and more cushiony plumpness feel under your feet.

Providing better insulation
While a carpet can insulate your home, adding underlay will certainly enhance that quality ten times fold, keeping the heat in, the cold out, and your bills low especially in cold seasons.

Providing better noise insulation
Particularly for busy households, or homes with different day and night schedules, underlay provides a noise barrier that dampens walking and dropping sounds and keeps your home more quiet and peaceful.

Prolonging the lifespan of your carpet
Last but not least, underlay actually not only helps you enjoy your carpet more, and benefit from it more, it also makes your beautiful and probably costly carpet last longer, as it acts as a barrier that protects the carpet from rubbing directly on the hard floor and wearing off faster.

So to answer your questions about initially putting down an underlay when laying a carpet, or changing the old underlay when changing the carpet, it is YES and YES, we, at Mr Carpet highly recommend you to do so, not only for your comfort and enjoyment, but also for the longevity of your new carpet experience, which makes it such a small investment, considering the time, money and hassle that you would be saving in the long run.