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To receive a quote on Mr Carpet range of flooring or carpet, simply fill out our obligation FREE request form on our website, and our friendly staff will get in touch with you within 24hours of receiving your request.


Most carpet is measured in Linear or ‘Broadloom’ metres – rather than square metres. A broadloom refers to the width of the room. In most cases it will be 3.66 metres although it can be as low as 2.0 metres and as high as 4.0 metres. Most hard flooring is measured in square meters but calculated in pack size.

Yes, it is essential to book a measure and quote, which is not only FREE of any charge or obligation, but also gives you the opportunity to view and touch all of our samples, so we make sure your floor is professionally and accurately measured. Furthermore, when our Mr Carpet team visits your home or office for the measuring, it also gives them the opportunity to inspect your site conditions, which is essential for a smooth installation process.


In our showroom, you can purchase flooring, which includes carpet, timber, laminate and a variety of hybrid, as well as carpet, which can include synthetic, wool and wool blends.

To purchase any of our flooring or carpet products, we suggest that you come to our showroom for further assistance.


Choosing carpet can be a stressful process, however there are certainly several factors to consider which should assist you in making the best choice. For instance, if you live in a cooler climate, a wool carpet could work well in your home, and if you have a busy family household, then you may want to consider a carpet that is stain resistant. Or if you would like to purchase an eco-friendly carpet, we have several options of carpet made from renewably sourced polymers. For further details, simply ask our friendly staff at Mr Carpet.

Underlay used under carpet is a very important factor and will impact how the carpet feels once installed, so it is recommended that you have your underlay replaced when replacing your carpet. When purchasing new carpet, it is also important to understand the warranty conditions of your specific supplier, who may void the carpets warranty if installed on old underlay.

Underlay plays a big role in how your carpet feels once installed, so our underlay manufacturers produce a wide range of known and respected qualities, because the better the quality of underlay, the more confortable the carpet will feel, and the more supportive and quiet it can make your home. You can see and feel the difference yourself in our showroom, by asking to step on different carpets laid over different underlays, until you find the one you like and feel confortable with the most.

At Mr Carpet, we are happy to remove and dispose of your existing floor coverings at a minimal cost. If you would like us to do so, simply let our staff member know and they can provide a quote for you once you decide to go ahead with your new flooring.


At Mr Carpet, we sell a wide range of carpet products in wool, wool blends, as well as Synthetic. We also have different carpet types on offer that include loop, Plush and Twist.

Loop pile carpet, which comes in distinctive patterns created by a combination of higher and lower loops, creating a stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel.

Plush pile carpet, featuring short and slightly twisted yarn, which is best for creating a formal look in areas like guest or dinning rooms, while providing a velvety soft feel underfoot.

Twist pile carpet, a soft but durable carpet, where the pile is twisted and lies in different directions, producing a random texture, and showing less tracking from footsteps or vacuuming.

All coming in a wide range of colours and styles to best suit your needs.

Hard flooring

The right choice of your hard flooring depends on the type of your household and the life style you are living. For example, we would suggest laminate flooring for a big family home with children, as it is known to be affordable, durable and easily maintained, or Hybrid with its luxurious timber look, for a more comfortable and quiet home.

We have several hard flooring types on offer at Mr Carpet including:

* Timber, with its rich feel and look of class and longevity.
* Laminate, which is the best low-cost alternative to hardwood, easily maintained.
* Vinyl, with a very similar look to timber, but warmer, more affordable, easily maintainable, but can still give your home a similar rich look of an authentic hardwood floor.
* Bamboo, a softer flooring, which is naturally resistant to moisture being a tropical grass, as well as reduces noise being softer than hard wood, and comes in a variety of styles and finishes to suit various decor options.


Mr Carpet is one of the largest flooring companies in Australia, and have a very extensive stock, and thus can easily cater to both high end and low budget flooring solutions.